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About Us

The History

Viva Time Corporation was founded over 40 years ago to fill a void in the timepiece marketplace. What began as a small specialty watch company has since grown into a significant, multi-brand marketer of fashion watches.
In the 1970’s the watch market was divided by two widely divergent ends of the product spectrum. There were traditional watches that were inexpensive and lacked style, and at the opposite end were the luxury timepieces from Switzerland which were stylish, dependable, but most notably, expensive.

The Mission

Our mission at Viva Time was to create a well designed line of timepieces made from quality materials expressing the look of high end timepieces, yet affordable to the average consumer.
This led to the advent of what is now known as the fashion watch industry in the early 1980’s with our P. Peugeot brand. As the category grew and more brands evolved, so did the mission of Viva Time.
While Peugeot remains at the core of Viva Time’s business, we continued to launch complimentary brands, each covering a specific niche in the watch market.
With over 3 decades of experience, we at Viva Time have a clear understanding of how to succeed in the watch market. We strive to provide quality products to fit every retail level, and back those products with reliable warranty policies and customer service center.

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